About Us

In the Beginning

Louth Wholefood Co-op started on the market in Louth. the founders were a a group of friends who wanted their children to be able to eat food that wasn't full of additives, salt and sugar. This was in 1982.


After a while, they noticed that it gets very cold on a market stall in winter. Besides, they had discovered that people wanted to buy more of the things they were selling. The first shop was off Mercer Row, behind Peter Rhodes, and the second shop was at the bottom of Aswell Street.

Our Present Location

In 1992, the present premises in Little Eastgate were purchased and the shop has been there ever since. The trouble is that it is still too small for the thousands of products now jostling for shelf space!

Workers Co-Operative

We are a Workers' Co-Operative. We were the first to be registered in the county, all those years ago. This means that we all play our part in making decisions and are all valued and paid the same.


We all do everything, whether it is "bagging up", shelf filling, stock control and serving customers. Of course, different people also contribute particular skills - ordering stock, knowing about different properties of supplements, persuading workmen to come and do things or writing our pay cheques.


We like to think we are friendly and helpful to customers and are always happy to advise, inform and help.


There are still two founder members working here - Janet Caulton and John Hough. (One has pink hair and the other has a grey beard - that's how we tell them apart).  Other members are Jackie Revell, Carole Baker, Sue Shearsmith and Lesley Koumi.  On Saturdays we are joined by Carolyn Phillips and Helen Spriggs, but we all work different days