Tasty Tofu

Tasty Tofu (or Surprise Yourself Soya)


Tofu does not have much taste of its own.  However, stir–fried, stewed or baked with some added ingredients, it is delicious.  And it doesn’t take long to actually cook.  Cut it into chunks to begin.


Either, marinate it in finely chopped onion and garlic with wine or cider vinegar and tamari or shoyu.  Add some crushed peppercorns and cloves and perhaps some coriander seeds, with some mixed herbs.  Leave it for 6 or so hours. Then bake it, marinade and all at Mark 5/190C/375F.  It will be tender very quickly and if all the marinade is taken up you might need to add water. Bake it covered to preserve the juice, uncovered for a crispier finish.  It is hard to give an exact time, just keep your eye on it!


Or, saute some onion until it is transparent, having added in some garlic.  Add lots of organic mushrooms, chopped roughly, and the tofu and simmer gently. Slosh in some tamari or shoyu and a little flour to thicken it slightly.  Add pepper.  If it gets too dry, add a bit of water.  You can finish it in the oven if you like.


However, these recipes are a bit vague on quantities and timing, I know.  Think of them as guidelines.  Experiment – try it sweet and sour and use orange juice or pineapple to achieve the sweet. Tamari or other soy based sauces really help.


Eat it with your favourite rice or noodles - or even pasta or potatoes - with freshly steamed organic vegetables on the side!