Cheese and Ham Loaf (Without the Ham)


Wholemeal flour (Alford Mill or Dove’s Farm)
4oz/125gSunflower margarine (plenty of choice in the chiller)
6oz/170gLye Cross Farmhouse Vintage Cheddar cheese
3Free range eggs
 Black pepper
1Teaspoon of mustard powder (optional)


(all these amounts are approximate)

Cream the margarine and flour with a fork (or a blender).  Add the beaten up eggs at an early stage – it makes the creaming easier.  

Add parsley, black pepper and mustard. (The reason this is optional is because I almost always forget to put it in!)

Chop the cheese into little cubes and mix in.

Coat a loaf tin with margarine, put the mixture in, smooth the top and bake at about 200 degrees for about 20 minutes.  It is ready when a fork comes out clean and the loaf comes cleanly from the side of the dish.


This is really quick to make (and usually eat, I’ve noticed!). It’s good with mash and nice both hot and cold.

The cheese melts in the cooking and if your mixture comes very near the top of your dish it will trickle all over the oven.  So put it on a flat tray - or use a bigger dish - unless you like cleaning ovens.  It doesn’t actually have to be a loaf tin but obviously if you use a pie dish or something similar it is likely to cook quicker so keep an eye on it.